1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

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I have a 1995 Chevrolet G30 sportvan with a rear AC unit the pipes and the condensing unit for the rear AC are blowing cold the blower motor seems to work just fine it spins the blowers.

However all of the air is blowing underneath the blower rather than through the vents..

I'm not sure how to resolve the issue I've taken it as far as I can.
Brakes getting stuck. Caliper stuck., drive 55mph right front feels like a flat tire a lot of bounce?
The trans also winds out changing from 1st to 2nd and doesn't cut off on me all the time. Has low power going uphill also. Thank you!
anything else we can replace?? Or its the dreaded head gasket??
Right tire rubs fender when I turn right sometimes. Have new coil spring, shock, air bellow, and ball joints on right side. Left side has new shock only, and bellow is flat- but it never happens on that side. What could be out of adjustment?
Fan is fine, made sure all ducts are clear, flaps open and close properly, replaced control panel, heater core is not clogged. Still, air barely floats out of vents even when fan is at full blast.
1995 G-30 HD High Cube Van. No illumination of Check Engine Light. Have replaced all emission parts including fuel pump, rebuilt throttle body, removed catalytic but still shuts down when accelerator peddle is depressed, will idle for hours and occasionally will not idle for 5 to 10 minutes. Problem is intermittent but more often then not, continues to shut down when accelerator peddle is depressed. At my wits end. HELP.
has a 7.4L , has new map and egr, shows 34 code but runs bad when plugged in
First to second is fine but it has become a constant thing now
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