1993 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

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Even when two mechanics put on a new belt, with one using all power to apply max tension on the belt, while the other mechanic tightens bolts: it still loosens & comes off before a 500 miles. Have owned the van since 1994 - when it was brand new. Have gone thru a minimum of a alternator dozen belts and at least 4 of the other 2 belts.
Popping blower motor fuse. Removed wires on blower motor resistor, blower motor,and relay and still pops fuse when you turn the vent control to on.
I was told that because of the year of my vehicle, it's not a good idea to change my transmission filter or fluid. Is that true? Would my ses light turn on if either my fluid or oil were low?
And how can I tell if it's bad? Where's my odometer sensor? That stopped reading thousands of miles ago.
Does the length of the wires affect the way my van starts? The new set is way longer than the old ones, but does that make a difference? How can I test the wires and the cylinders?
My van likes to shut down on the highway and at green lights. I've changed the starter, alternator, battery, IAC, tps, sp/ws/dcar/ff/af, and had to mess with the timing because the distributor was loose. I can't read the codes because my data link connector won't give them. After changing the rotor, it started up, no problem. Next day, back to square one. Changed the fuel pump. Started up just fine. Turn it off to try again, back to square one. What is the problem here? I've tested the ignition control module off the van, and it always passes. I need help.
1993, G30, 155"wheelbase,, single wheel rear axle, Explorer conversion van.
Can you give me step by step instructions so that I can self install the motor on my driver's side window?
i need the fuel line from the fill door to the fuel tank, it's 1 3/4 inches ID by 5 ft. any suggestions
The van "bucks" at freeway speed only when maintaining speed- stops if I give it any gas or back off the pedal. I'm thinking a vacummn leak. Has throttle body injection.
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