1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) Questions

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I need to know what transmission is used in my 1987 van
okay I will try and explain best I can; first It started with a spark knock. I came to that conclusion cause it only knocks while driving past 50 mph.
So, I changed:
fuel filter
knock sensor
flushed combustion chamber
changed egr valve
map sensor
idle control valve
throttle position sensor
spark plugs
spark plug wires
O2 sensor
vacumm hoses

I still get spark knock, but at this moment my concern is the shut off. It turns over and starts fine and idles great, with van in park very slight pressure on the gas pedal van stalls and wants to cut off. With van in drive and foot on the brake and very slight pressure on gas pedal van cuts off. If I press full on the pedal in drive and foot on the brake van runs and I still get spark knock if I push on the pedal farther down.

So, the only thing I can think of being the problem is fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. I'm not in the mood for changing that **** in less I could truly be the problem and I'm forced too.

I am getting no trouble codes with the tester I have OBD1 Bosch scanner.

Any insight on the matter will be helpful
There is a tick/click noise like a mechanism isn't engaging; coolant is overflowing into the cab thru the floor. It overheats after 10-15 min at idle. I believe it may be a heater line blockage or a radiator blockage, just not sure where to start looking. The radiator hose coming off radiator is pressurized after motor has been turned off also. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. T
Everything works except speedometer
The high side has access and the dryer filter I'll need to get an conversation kit the compressor cuts in and out I need to charge system just purchased this van few weeks ago thanks!
By me turn the key so much the claps on the wire harness broke off. Itry put it back in but still the key just turns
Problem is constant now but it was intermittent and would switch after a few minutes.
My engine sputtered just a little then it started bogging down on me. It would shift through 3 gears but is pulling very hard now won't move at all.
OK here goes, 1988 chev camper, 3500 and replaced leaking master cylinder, bleed system over and over and cant get hard peddel and no real pressure at rear drum bleeder when helper pushing peddal to floor? Should have all the air gone and looking at perportioning valve.The little pin moves in and out? any one have a idea?
Leaking fluid had to run straight through
I have a blown head gasket, can you give me an estimate of repairing it.
This problem started Saturday when I started it up, then after it idel for a while, I began to see smoke from tail pipe.
I have 2 ecm fuses--ecm 1 & ecm b ---- ecm b has no current flow to it on either blade of the fuse with the key on or off. Van won,t start. ecm 1 fuse has good current flow.
I just put new LED tail lights in my van. they light up but they wont blink when i use the turn singles.
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