1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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As I was driving my 95 Chevy g20 conversion van it stopped shifting gears. I can move the gear shift but it’s not switching gears. What could be the problem?
my transmission jerks when I put it into drive and is slow shifting into second gear and shifts fine going into remaining gears.
Tried to crank van. Can't recognize if pump is on fuse good need to no where relay is.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? Just now

I need to change my rear axle bearings.

The GM Service Manual has special instructions to "remove the pinion shaft from the case on vehicles without a locking differential" or "with a locking differential remove the shaft part way and rotate the case until pinion shaft touches the housing".

My question is how do I know if I have a locking differential??

ANY advice or helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thank u in advance!!

I have a 1996 V8 5.7L, 4L60E, 10-bolt, 8.5" rear end (I'm fairly certain on that last part).
I was replacing my bearings and noticed that half of the spindle looks and feels grinded down probably about 1 mm. Do you think I need to replace the spindle or leave it as is ??
I'm trying to buy wheel bearings for my 1995 g20 5.7L. There are two different types of bearings with two different part numbers. One indicates light duty brakes and the other heavy duty brakes. Please advise??
My Chevy van has 150,000 original miles.
When I move from Park to reverse or drive, my transmission makes a "thunk" (which I feel more than hear), similar to when a U-joint wears out. I added 1 quart of transmission fluid last week.
I bought a fuel pump it sounds like its working but don't get no gas to the throttlebody
Battery is good, no response turning key
I pulled the driveline and replaced the u-joint ant the front yoke will not go in the transmission housing. it goes haf way and stops
Could it be the differential or the linkage or what's going on
have no power to starter solenoid
have no power to starter solenoid
van will not idle without pumping the pedal,,,will stall trying to go from park to any gear. This problem has drained the battery...i replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, map sensor, throttle position sensor, vaccum lines, battery and alternator,, im thinking it may be an electrical "grounding" problem but cant find a wiring diagram or schematic it,,, OBD1 codes49,51,53 and 54 came up,,, any help would be greatful
How to fix a no spark issue
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