1993 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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slips 2 to 3 willnot shit to 2 without manually doing it then it shifts to space had trans rebuilt and put it back in an has same problem
Mechanic charged it two years ago. Had a little problem getting the clutch to engage. He fiddled around a bit on the compressor and it worked. Getting the same symptoms now after I charged it with the kit that I bought. Does the clutch have a separate relay to engage. The compressor turns okay. Did a little reading online would like to perform some tests to see if I have to change the compressor. Where do I find the clutch relay If there is one and the low pressure switch . Which could be the problem. As it stands right now is blowing warm air with all controls at full throttle.
The light is on. Mechanic is checking the wheel while the parts store says it is located by the transmission in a black box.
I can't go faster than 35-40 mph. I have to give it a lot of gas just to get it to shift into 2nd & 3rd. It has plenty of Trans. fluid. Could it be a something simple or is my transmission failing?
Was slipping going n 1st but I'd let my food off the gas when I hit 20 25 n it would shift the one day I hit the breaks really hard n now can't get it out of 1st gear n my having some electrical problem speed themter ain't working head light dem out
Transmission was slipping going in to1st gear but would left food off gas then it would shift I hit my breaks really hard one day n the the van wouldn't shift out of 1st gear
The drivers side moves slightly but not much , passengers side not st all , I cab hear them both click when trying to engage them , what could be my issue ? Please help
Just cut out on highway. Fuse OK.
Have no current to wire to starter solonoid
Engine start fine but weak power to gas n move van, no compression .
I bought the van used. I used to get 9 miles to a gallon - and, now I only get three miles a gallon. Impossible to go on trips as it cost so much. What can I have a mechanic do to improve the gas mileage. I am 69 years old, retired, and live on a pension. Thank you
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