1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) Questions

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I recently had the automatic transmission rebuilt. The engine revs and the transmission does not shift out of 1st to 2nd until 20 MPH. The tech says this is about correct. I sense that the engine is reving too much in all the gears when shifting up. What are the approximate proper shift points from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th in MPH?

Can't figure out where on the transmission it's located. It's actuall an '89 and the part is a bwd s8030, can anyone help???

85 G20 series needs tune up and love never been so close to a inverted engine don't even know how to look at it lol

While trying to replace my thermostat, I tried to remove the intake manifold and one of the bolts broke off. Now I must figure out how to remove this bolt without damaging my intake manifold.

I put 6 but still low and going slow now but reverse fine and fluid drain from coolant line

I put 6 quarts in she drive but I have to gun it in drive but reverse work fine

Timing belt gone vam won't move

it is a 1989 g20 van. the alternator will drop output and run the battery down. the battery is new and filled and when i test the alternator it puts out 14 v. I think i have a short but can't find it.

Upon driving it backfires and sometimes stalls. Already changed plugs, spark plug wires, rotary cap, distributor cap, coil pack. Also, add fuel system cleaned and new air cleaner.

When this first happened the Service light came on and before I could drive home the van died. Would not start because of flooding from carb. Towed home, replaced oxygen sensor and ran fine. Drove another 11 miles and it did it again. What other sensors would cause this?

Filler tube is loose and leaking a small amount of oil.

My Chevy g20 has engine failure. Engine is almost out but it's not fitting through dog house, new engine is in crate ready to be installed next to engine. transmission is leaking and may need replacement. Needs all new wiring in engine area, Needs entire front end dissembled to replace engine. My mechanic thinks it's too much work and not worth fixing. Already paid him 750$, it's not even out yet. What should I do? is it worth fixing or should I just sell it for scrap? Paid 2000$ to owner who claimed it was fine to drive. Paid another 2000$ for engine, can probably get most back on that...If I put another 1500-2000 into it I can get everything but the trans replaced...