1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G10) Questions

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In the 1981 Chevrolet Light Duty Truck Service Manual, On page 8A - 2 fig 8A - 1 Fuse Panel shows two circuit breakers for the "G" and one for the C-K. There is no circuit break on the panel. Question: Where is the circuit breaker on the 1981 Chevy G-10 L6 4.1 L van?
It's a shorty van thx.
I bought a transmission under the assumption from seller that it would fit my 2001 Isuzu rodeo. Wrong. Was wondering how I can find out what year it does go to so I can either sell it to the right vehicle or find a vehicle to put it in.
I have replaced the thermostat. When I went to do this the bottom half of the thermostat was gone,so far I have found no particles from the old thermostat. I also replaced the radiator, checked the water pump. It also sounds like there is a leak in the exhaust manifold. It runs about 30 miles on the open rd. before it starts getting hot. If i dont tighten the cap down all the way I seem to get a little further. The fan seems to be working properly but not exactly sure how to test it except it seems to be running properly. Could the thermostat pieces have clogged the circulation in the motor causing it not to cool properly? Should I add an electric fan? The previous owner did away with the AC as it is being used as an ice cream trk. I haven't had any diagnostics run on it as of yet since I thought the radiator and other stuff would solve the problem. Could a blown head gasket cause this issue and is there any way to check other than compression check? Frustrated.
I need instructions for replacing an alternator on my van. I understand it has a belt tightener which can a little tricky and dangerous to work with. Once I replace the alternator, what is best way to retighten the belt with the belt tightener? I am pretty sure that the engine size is 5.7 liters.
trying to replace the heater core, but don't know how to get the cabinet apart,
does it unbolt from both inside under the dash and outside through the firewall?
I would like directions on how to change out a heater core
heater core is leaking enough to fog the windows
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