2006 Chevrolet Express 3500 Questions

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I visually inspected the whole system and could not find any obvious breaks or leaks I also changed intake manifold gasket I was just curious this is a common problem and if there's something that I can look for
Stabiltrac coming on 1-2 seconds no reason for it to come on . dry conditions , only on take off and not all the time ???? Anybody ?
Stabiltrac is coming on just for a second or two just on take offs now and then, but starting to do it more often. in dry conditions! Light on dash (stabiltrac) comes on and goes out

If I leave the van (actually an RV) off the security light will come on and stay on and drain the battery. I bought this vehicle used and it has had some modifications done by the coach builder at the factory and then by the previous owner. It has a keyless entry that appears to be aftermarket and I can not find it to disconnect. It has a trailer brake system and an aftermarket radio. The dome light did not come on when the door was opened and recently I disconnected the battery and after reconnecting it the light works again. The car shows no diagnostic codes and runs great. If I put the key in and advance to run position it gets rid of the security light. Could it be a bad bcm causing this?
When accelerating the noise worsens. Remove foot from gas and noise goes away.
This normally only happens when it is warm out.
new water pump,thermostat tcd sensor,no leaks
Exterior handle on sliding door broke off, need to replace. How do I disassemble and remove broken handle and replace.

Note also have problem with the interior door unlatch plastic piece that connects to rod going to rear of door slipping. Replaced it once, new one broke. Anything else to do when replacing again?
Also do you have to replace both sensors at the same time thats on both sides
have had sensors replaced and still the same code what do i do now
I am installing a rear back up camera and it requires that you wire it into the reverse lights. I need to figure out which color is negative.
can/t tell what gear its in truck has 13.000 miles
Did van overheat, (it was 100 outside)and all the lights
came on but an hour later, the van started....what could
have been the problem? Will not leave engine idle again
in hot weather.
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