2004 Chevrolet Express 3500 Questions

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engine cut off when ran through water puddles in road and wont start up will crank but wont run
cable not broken put primary latch will not release
I believe one or more fuel injectors are acting up. What do you suggest to fix it? I have taken it to a reputable Chevy Dealer.
This is heat related and I have tried changing multiple things. Plugs, wires, coil packs, Cam PS, injectors, MAP, TPS, IAC, still same result. I can play with the throttle (on & off real quick) and it will clear up and run fine, unless I go somewhere and cut it off and get back in within a few minutes. If the engine has time to cool back down, it's ok.
I have changed the fuses and nothing they still don't work and it all started when I took it to a mechanic like a month ago so he could fix a problem I had with the van and he fixed it but now the dashboard lights won't work
when you start the van it idles very high continuous. code po137.
the t/c light is on all the time and when i press the t/c button it dont come off can someone help me with this please
I have replaced the head lights, checked the fuses and made sure that the was power going to the fuse, switched out the relay for the low beam headlights. I also swapped out the low- high beam switch. Anyone have any ideas??
left rear wheel bearing seized to spindle to spindle and spindle cracked rear end very low on oil and full of metal. all bearings pitted and ring and pinion pitted from debris
I found a belt hanging underneath my engine, it is not the drive belt, but I am wondering if there are more belts on this vehicle I don't know about. It might just be something I picked up from the road and stuck underneath, I don't know, can anyone tell me if there are any ancillary belts on a 2004 Chevy Express
in addition to water pump replacementquote,need parts&labor quote on fan clutch,thermostat,flush&refill w/dex-cool,and serpentine belt.
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