2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Questions

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2002 chevy express van 3500 5.7 liter makes tapping noise every time I accelerate
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine is cold
How long have you had this problem? A year
was driving and van died out. Thought I might be out of gas as indicator is stuck on full all the time. Filled with gas. Cranks but will not turn over.
truck drives fine. temp rises gauge goes up, then like thermostat opens temp goes down, but fluctuate already changed out thermostat for new one
Outside handle broke. Ordered new haven't installed yet. Used inside handle til now. Inside handle does nothing. Took coger off, everything looks like its working except claws that grab the latch. Child safety lock is unlocked.
decelerated at 80km the truck run good tell i reached d95km.thanks for helping me(already change pmd)
When I start up my cargo van it starts up fine but when I put it to drive and it takes off theres a vibration and it wants to stall on me when driving Im thinking that is the censors but I have no clue can anyone five me Ideas and help..
But if I put gas in carb it runs for awhile it ran a couple times after doing this now won't even start gas still going threw the lines
I replaced the wiper motor and now they will not shut off. I heard that you have to program the wiper motor but I don't know how
When I'm driving along the highway, I suddenly lose power and am unable to keep up with traffic to the point that I'm going too slow. If I pull over to the side of the road, stop the engine, wait a few minutes, start it again, I will have power back but for only a limited time until this happens again. I'm guessing it's a sensor gone bad because oil has been changed often, oil filter has been changed, fuel filter has been changed.
strong odor of gas, motor runs ruff
Release gas for a second when starting out to shift, do not have this happen in any other gear shifting, actually very smooth... Looking for answers on what may be happening and what to do to correct it...
we were driving it & it made a quick louder than usual rattle noise & died. it kept rolloing but wouldnt restart. after it set for a few minutes it would barely crank. it would not crank over. Any suggestions on what could have happened.
Thank you for your time.
Does not make sound in park. Only in drive. Service engine soon light also came on.
I can usually troubleshoot and repair problems on my 2004 Ford F150. But when it comes to this van, I am at a lose because I am not sure where everything is located.
I am getting trouble P0446.
When looking at the test results, it showed that the EVAP Excess Vacuum Test 1 had failed.
the van has new cap,rotor,wire,plugs,distributor,waterpump,fuelpump,before i did the timing chain it had a code 1345 and was not running, now it runs rough.
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