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Van is running rough and check engine light is flashing
When the outside temp gets above 90 degrees the ac will begin to blow hot air. If I switch to Max AC and high fan speed it will eventually begin to blow cold air again. I can then switch back to AC and it will cool for awhile until it starts the hot air again.
I have checked the freon levels and it is good. I've also checked to make sure the compressor clutch is engaged. It does not blow hot air idling.
I'm hoping for some direction in finding the cause of this intermittent problem.
The ac has very cold air idling. The compressor is engaged. I have cleaned the coil. When driving the ac air will blow cold, then not as cold, and back and forth but will keep the cab cool. When it gets above 90 degrees out side it will start blowing hot. If I turn the knob to full cold, max ac, and high fan speed, it will eventually blow cold air for several minutes. I've stopped and the compressor is engaged and the high side is hot and the low side is cold under the hood.
As long as it is left on max ac and high fan speed it stays cold, but it can get too cold. If I tun it to ac and lower the fan speed it will eventually turn hot again. Is the problem in the control, an actuator or vacuum?
The passenger side window will not operate from the window switch on either door. Is this the motor or the regulator?
I have changed fuel filter, air filter, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor x 2, ignition coil, cam shaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, and radiator. I am not showing correct temperature on the gauge but that is the only other issue. I have also changed the radiator and oil cooler lines. Any ideas?
My exhaust starts off quiet and all of a sudden gets loud and looses a little power and check engine light comes on. Then goes back to normal then gets loud again and so on???? Please HELP!!!!
The gauge will move very little as the engine warms up. It actually stops at about 170.
is it electric, vacuum, manual cable,
Ive had to pull on the pos. batt. cables to get it to start. Now it gotten harder to get going. I had to bang on the starter w a hammer to get it to start. Do I need a whole starter or just the solenoid ?
This comes and goes. The faster the more pronounced but will come and go. Is this shocks or bushings? 95k miles,
I am having vibrations at 60 mph + from the rear of vehicle. I've checked tires, brakes, u-joints etc. the cutaway has been used for an RV.
There is a port up top and another lower in the line. Which one do i use ? Does it matter which one i use ?
(when I check the non supply contact of the fuse I get 1.3 ohms)
as far as i can tell this supplies power to the fuel pump relay, the fuel injection system and the ignition relay. Is there a likely component?
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