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the fan belt was changed twice and keeps splitting into two and falling off even though the crank shaft pully was changed.
Had some recent work done replacing starter and water pump. Could there be a wire pinched from this work or some other cause for this problem?
What could be causing the new leak... Is there a "special" or better seal that can be used on a worn hub? Advice?
approximate complete cost to replace LH side exhaust manifold
I removed the fuel line at the filter and let the gas drain out , then put it back on, and it will run for a few more miles. fuel pump works good. replaced filter, but problem persists
Both were working. Then I stopped along the road and used the flashers. When I returned the flashers were off and cruise control doesn't work. Checked all the fuses inside the cab and in the engine compartment. All are OK. No other noticeable electrical problems. In a camper with only 52k miles.
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