2009 Chevrolet Express 2500 Questions

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2009 Chevy Express 2500 6.0L 4L60-E Trans - 95,000 miles
What would cause engine RPM to drop and eventually stall when shifting from drive into reverse? When engine is cold shifting from drive to reverse is fine. After 30 mins of driving and engine warms up shifting from drive into reverse stalls engine. Shifting from any other gear to reverse NO stall. MIL is off. No DTCs on scan tool.
Shifts very hard with a thump from first to second gear and a bit less from second to 3rd. Can feel the shift hard in the rear only. Nothing from transmission area.
Looking for advice/direction on where to start diagnosing the 1.6 AMP draw. Short to ground, bad relay, pull one fuse at a time while measuring AMPS? If the AMPS drop then check each component on that fuse/circuit? What are acceptable parasitic drain levels... 25-30 mA ?
Recently noticed different valve stem on one of my rims. One being the"flexible" rubber type and the other three appearing to be welded/bolted as if part of the rim. When did manufactures start doing this or is this standard on a 3/4 ton vehicle? Would I have to replace the rim or is this something that can be added to current rim?
I got 2009 chevy express. When i open the door domelight wont come on. My overide button is pulled out. I can turn on the light by moving the button all the to the right but then light stays on. any thoughts?
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get the dash cluster off so I can change the radio? Thanks
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