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had a nap a certified mechanic go through it three days later same thing happened they replace the gear sensor that and fix the problem
When I place the ac control on the front ac nothing happens. But when I place it on the rear ac it works fine
what would cause this do I need a new starter or a starter relay
Trying to install a bulk head and need to remove the side panels but the seatbelt height adjusters do no allow the upper trim panel to come off.
I checked fuses there ok
Please help ASAP been running rough on & off for 4 months p 200&300 once while driving I got it to say #2 cylinder swapped coils from other side then 300 again just today the whole bank passenger stopped firing.. Taken to several shops they just want to replace everything. Any ideas? This is my only form of transportation /living thank you!
There is no heat and the fan doesn't work
it still blows cold but not thru vents
Van jump when changing gear after being driven for a while an hot
just had the engine replaced in my van two days ago.started to drive home, and after around 25 miles my check engine light started flashing. stopped at autozone and they pluged in their scanner and p0300 came up. drove back to mechanic shop and they hooked up and it said no codes.drove home with no problem. next day take off to tulsa from dfw. about half way there engine light comes on again. steady light but only flashed for a few seconds if i speeded up then would go back to solid light. the engine light stayed on all the way back. stopped at autozone again same p0300. no problem with idle or acceleration engine runs very good. I wouldnt know it had a problem if the light wasnt on.
Where is located the oil pressure switch..?
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