2006 Chevrolet Express 2500 Questions

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It's hard to put gas in it
It has the right amount of power steering fluid. Can't seem to find the cause of it
Replace hose 4 times in 3 month, replace bypass valve in pump, hose still leaks, please tell me what the problem could be.
when a/c is off engine dies. was told its the idle air control valve, how can I repair it without having to buy a complete assembly from the dealer ?
van looses power when is running hot meaning when u turn it off and stars againg
it's a 2006 chevy express 2500 with a 4.8 liter it has ac
I attached line to small fixture adjacent to ac accumulator, front of engine, passenger side. New pump, but still in default defrost position.
Thanks, Kirk
does oil pan need to be removed to change oil pump or can the plate be removed then oil pump
white paint on back door peeling off seen several express vans w this problem including mine any recall on this?
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