2002 Chevrolet Express 2500 Questions

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head light want cut off
The van seemed to be operating fine until I got rear-ended by 2 cars in a 4 car crash. Since then the O2 sensors went crazy & I had to replace the engine coil, fuel pump & rear axle.
van. my DRL headlamps flicker when in the off position when vehicle is running. this is draining my battery also i believe. please help. thanks in advance!!!!!!!
when i turn the headlight switch to the on position they stop flickering. also something is causing a drain on my battery. could this be the problem for the battery drain. alternator and started checked out fine.
I try to start it will click but engine dont run
the brake pedal. this problem has occurred intermittently for three months now. I'm afraid if i don't have it checked out soon it may result in a costly repair.
when in the off position. they stop blinking when i turn the headlights to the on position.How can i repair this problem.thanks in advance...
The ingition module and coil has been replaced. The cycle is repeats, vehicle runs for 15 min then shut down. Need help and suggestions.
After sitting for an hour or two the van restarts, and the cycle is repeated; run for 15 min then sit for an hour or two then restarts. The ingnition module and the coil has been changed, and the problem is still occuring. Need help and suggestions.
I ran outta gas pulling into the statios last night and the motor died I tried to start again and luckily had just enough to make it to thepump bought gas and then atempted to drive away the engine will start fine and idle a little rough gradually slowing to a stop. And the engine will not take throtle at all when you press the pedal the enginne sucks air and stops in a tirade that sounds like its gonna blow. Could this all be caused by sucking trash into the filter. I.e. low supply or do I need to purge system and try to reprime? If so what do I need to do and what tools and parts do I need?
Ryan booth
the shift indicator does not work on my express van. everything else is ok.
How do i repair this?
thant you
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