2000 Chevrolet Express 2500 Questions

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have tot turn key on and off to get it started and then sometimes it won't start.
Stays barely over 100
I found out that there are no current going to my ignition coil
A mechanic (not at the dealer) told us that we would have to buy a new computer for the van. He told us the total cost would be $850.00. I found a person on ebay who sells a used one (which he matches up with your pin) for $79.00. He is a top seller on ebay with no bad reviews/complaints. We have seen the codes for the van and have fixed/remedied all issues but the check engine light still remains on. Should we follow through and get the computer from ebay? How can one purchase a brand new computer for a 2000 chevy express van? Was the mechanic trying to rip us off? Thank you
front blower is innop., checked 20 amp fuse, replaced relay already, but wanted to make sure it wasn't the fuse before repl. blower motor
sometimes its flash and the van cut off

I have codes p0453,p0340,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is 60 psi with the motor running or just the key turned on and it doesnt bleed off.It is also hard to refuel,the gas pump at the service station keeps shutting off.
Ive been working on this van for two years solving all the problems with it,this seems to be the last thing,and it is cutting into my paycheck. PLEASE HELP
At speeds of 10 to 20 miles an hour the motor surges up and down,I have codes p0340,p0453,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is at 60psi when the motor is running or just with the key on,and stays ther when the key is turned off.It is hard to refuel,the gas pump at the service station keeps shutting off.What could cause these problems?
sticking fuel injecter
I also replaced the fuel filter,Ive had problems with burning up fuel pumps and stalling issues ,the stalling problem is ok now but i got the p0452 code ,any advice i have to have the van smogged soon?
is it possiable to add a fuel gage in a 2000 2500 chev van?
is there something wrong with the fuel cluster gage?
I installed a rebuilt trans with anew torque converter.It worked fine for 20 miles but then it started making grinding noises and i lost all forward gears, but reverse works fine. I didnt prefill torque converter but i heard you didnt have to,what could be the problem ?torque converter or trans?
Have already tried replacing the fuel filter, ignition coil, and fuel pump. In that order. There is no check engine light that comes on.
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