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when I turn the key to the start position nothing happens. when I release the key to the run cycle the gauges twitch three times and then they go to their correct position. I can have the key in the run position and remote start the starter and it turns over but does not start.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing.
How long have you had this problem? about two days
Will not start
This problem comes and goes. Could be fine for a week. Then go to start it up and get moving, and it starts off real slow as if it's trying to push or tow a heavy truck.
I was told at the auto parts that it is in the ignition. Got this from YouTube he said
4.3L w/267000 The driving symptoms match the P0101 error but it also randomly pings like a mother at low speeds. When it does stumble when driving my temp Guage needle goes to 0 and it won't read for 2-5 min then it just comes back to life. But when it does it reads half of what it should be. Any chance it's the Guage sending unit and not the mass air flow sensor?
Am I on the right track thinking that my passlock is faulty when no "security " light comes stated there has never been a "security light indicator on either of my express vans, yet an internet search of my cranks but does't start, all indicates a faulty passlock. I've come to this conclusion after doing all of the tests for no start issues.
I have a 2005-2500 Chevy Cargo Express and a 2006-1500 Chevy Cargo Express and neither have a "security" light that comes on when the switch is made, never has. Recently all the evidence suggest that the 2006 van has a passlock Ignition Lock Housing fault, yet no "security" light has come on. I've performed all the prescribed ignition tests and have come to the conclusion that "engine cranks" but will not start problem lies with the Passlock sensor, yet no sucerity light.
the problem started today on the way home from work the oil light came on I recently had the oil changed
Failed inspection and was given the code PO128, what does it mean and how do I get it fixed?
how long dose it take to reset drive time so the codes read ready for testing?
turn signals and emerg. flashers not working need location of said module for replacement.
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