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2003 pontiac aztec. No blower control. No prior erratic or intermittent problems. Feels like the selector itself is stripped. I took the knob off and dont feel any "clicks" when making speed selection. It freely moves but blows nothing. I see alot of issues with the resistor but am concerned with the free feel when turning the knob.
when all gages drop down security lights up, but when engage drive and start driving all gages go back up but security light stay on, the problem occurs all the time.
steering wheel wants to stick in whatever position its in while driving
Not sure where to start. Dead animal smell cannot even sit I the car.
My van came with the two 3 passenger bench seats and has the hardware in the floor for the 4 passenger bench. Will a 4 passenger bench seat from an 06 Econoline fit into the hardware?
turn the key engine wont turn over about three times in a day
My van has no spark and it won't start.
Problem with the Chevrolet Express 2005 Express.
Rough idle on a 2005 Chevy Express 1500 4.3 V-6. At cold start everything runs great until I shut it off and wait 10 minutes then when I restart it runs badly coughing and sputtering and almost stalls out. I can nurse it along for about 5 minutes and then it clears up and runs fine. I was getting a PO430 so I replaced the cat on bank 2 but that solved nothing except I no longer get the PO430 code. Now I am getting a PO300. The strangest thing is that it clears up after about 5 minutes and runs fine. However, the other day I left it idling for about 10 minutes and it started its misfire problem again but only worse. It took about 20 minutes to get it to clear up that time. I took it to a local mechanic shop and they are stumped. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
Vehicle will skip and almost stop after each gas fill up, and for a couple of days after adding fuel. Then it will run fine till next time. I'm thinking it is the fuul filter and the parts store sold me one, but i can't figure out where it goes, does this model have an inline fuel filter? 2005 Chev. 1500 Express van.
What do I do to find out how to address the problem?
I relaced blower resistor @ harness in truck (GM service bullitin E105082) due to melted wires. since installing, the vent selector switch does not work. I thought I was carefull to match up wires from old harness to new. Any ideas as to what would cause this? It fixed the fan speed problem I was having, but now I have no control over vent selection.
back in the summer my vans water pump started leakingand my van overheated, i replaced the coolant and drove about 15 miles home. i replaced the water pump and thermostat and everthing was fine. a few weeks later i started having a problem with low rpm's and odd shifting of the transmission, when you drive you can be traveling at a steady speed and the rpms will start to increase but the van's speed won't, you can increase the gas the rpms will increase like the van is in netural. when the rpms increase the van learch forward and then will upshift, then down shift. this goes on over an over. if it is cool out side or first thing in the morning or raining it operates normally, or if you drive 75 mph or higher it operates normally. the only code shown is random missfire and this code has only shown up one time, and on the gm techs computer the transmission shows fine, but he thinks my throttle body needs to b replaced. i replaced the throttle possition sensor but no real change. i was told the throttle body needed cleaning, i cleaned it and the mass air sensor but again no change. any suggestions?
The glass has been shattered in the left manual mirror. Need the mirror/glass only. Is it available? Where and what is the part number?
My oil light stays on after starting the vehicle for approx. 1-3 minutes and then goes out. Before it would go out almost immediatley after starting the engine. The oil level is good. Oil pressure reads about 30 idle and 60 while driving. Any ideas.
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