2004 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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the plugs are sock in gasoline/petrol so my van misfiring
After I turn off the engine and restart the siren stops but starts again within a minute...this is a conversion van and I think a 1500 but it could be a 2500. I cannot find the fuse to see if it is loose. I checked the ground wire from the battery to the body under the hood.
Still having trouble, brake lines is full of brake fluid in front but still line not holding any pressure. Brakes have been pumped and bled.. Need advice??
Happens on every shut off
My 2004 chevy express dash light goes hot while highway driving with the AC on. It goes out when AC is turned off. Outside temps are high. Don't use if not, so I don't know if it occurs if used while outside temps are low.
I was heading home when suddenly It began to backfire and recently we changed the hose from the gas pump what could it be???
Have looked in every place Ive been told it should be but cant find it. I cant find any diagrams or video showing me EXACTLY where the drain tube is located.
Also wondering if theres a cabin air filter on the 04 Express van.
Thanks in advance.
the fan works all the time the air is cold when it does work seems to work in morning then when i shut it off and restart it dent work
i have a 2004 Chevy express and the transmission went out and the right transmission is not in there. so how would i figure out witch one i need?
I changed the coil, fuel pump, wires, plugs, distributer cap, & the pick up modular. Now it"ll run for a bit then die. Its loses spark & i dont know how to fix it. Please help. Thanks
my floor is wet on the paeenenger side I think its the ac leaking,is there a drain pan or drain hole and where is it!
Is the fuel pump on the v8 located in the fuel tank?
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