2003 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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First noticed line under selected gear was slow to respond to gear change. Now, warning lights come on and gauges turn off randomly but ABS light stays on
How soon can it be done
and the power steering pump unit at once as well as individually if I can't afford both jobs at once
the blower for the heat system won't come on in the van. It used to work but high speed was sporadic.
I first replaced fuel pump, then fuel filter, last was new spark plugs and wires. First attemp was an immediate success, drove around block to test and engine had loss of power on some turns and acceleration. When I replaced plugs I could hear a "tapping sound" or an electric shock sound under hood. I found where it was coming from. The top plug or the 7th wire? At the base was arcing against the oil dipstick line. My dad put a screw driver between and separated a bit and it starts right up. But!!! When I drive, I can still hear the electric spark when I accelerate. And the loss of power. Anyone?
I did change Mass air flow sensor, troat position sensor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor cap and idled pulley also belt tension pulley and still doing the same thing, plase any information i will appreciated thanks to all
First the instrument cluster ABS light would come on then security, and check gauges lights then all needles would go to zero. Thought I needed to replace cluster. Then it stopped when weather got cooler. Now engine stalls intermittently after warmed up when sitting at a light in drive. Usually after the van has been run about 10 minutes, then shut off, then restarted. I have never changed the plugs or plug wires or fuel pump. No check engine light comes on. BTW the fuel guage quit working a couple years ago and stays at E with the light on all the time. I use mileage as the gauge.
i change the engine and it drove for a week without problems and suddenly just turned off. it cranks but would not start. tried for ground, compression and fuel pressure.
have replaced wires plugs,pcv,air lines cant visibly see intake or head gasket leak,no sign of water in oil
2003 Express 1500 runs great EXCEPT when it damp or raining. Then it will crank (battery new), gas pump no problem (pumping pedal you can smell gas) but it will not start. As soon as the weather changes - within one day, it starts immediately.
how to change brake pads front and back
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