2002 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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We are trying to change the lower battery that is located on the driver's side about 1/3 of the way back, looks like it sits on the frame. Any tips?
Need wiring schematic for 2000 Chevrolet van fuse block 1500 express .
Check gauge light had been coming on,temp would peg,but it wasn't running hot
i have a 2002 chevy express 1500 5L van and would like to hook up a tachometer to it. which wires do i need to hook up to? where do i find them ? moreso the red signal wire. thanks
This is a 2002 chevy express van 1500. Battery cable came loose (been doing that since another repairman had to disconnect it to replace the brake booster). Now wont pass emissions cause the monitor is "not ready". This is why I need the drive time for this specific vehicle.
Trying to get to the back of the glove box where the heat vent is , somehow it has slipped down( the heat vent) as is coming out under the front bottom near the floor, and is loose behind the glove box, there for preventing the glove box door from shutting right and who knows what its doing to the air we breathe because it does not seem to be connected. I swear every time we have work done on our van they never put things together right and causes us problems down the road. Any help appreciated . A video would be great but can not find one on this year Thanks
when my lights are off the brake lights turn on,but when i turn my park or headlights on my brake lights dont turn on when i press on the brakes bought new tail light harness need to no how to install them on a van conversion.hope this solve the brake light issues.
After driving hwy speeds the van sometimes shifts hard into gear. But it clears after the van is turned off for about 5 min and restarted.
it turns over fine but it acts like it isnt getting any fuel not sure thou. i know the fuel pump is in the gas tank but is there some way to prove its bad before i go thru all of that and is there pssibly a fuse or relay i can check because it didnt studder it just stopped i am getting no codes on the computer
if the gas gauge is at half full, when the van is turned off is stays at half full.
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