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i had a new fuel pump installed at a shop ,it leaked shop won t stand behind their work. took it to gm dealer they said the fuel bladder was not sealing the pump to the tank and was causeing the leak, it would be an extra $60 to replace it . this is the second pump i ve replaced never had any one say i had a bad fuel bladder. did my tank even come with a bladder in it?

I have taken it to the several shops and had tune up done in hopes it would resolve the issue, No luck, When it is muggy, humid and wet outside the vehicle refuses to start. I can only use it on sunny dry days. Their is no Check engine lights on and everything seems to be working like it should but when it is wet with sprinkle of water the vehicle tries to turn over but it never does. Any clues or ideas what could be causing this issue?
To die and when on the open road there is knock and followed by a jerking motions.
Detail on the diagnostic machine codes # po 131. 151. 300
131pd. Po151pd
When I first start up in the morning the battery warning light flickers off and on for a couple of minutes. It will do this sometimes when idling at a stop light. The gauge shows 14amps the whole time.
Today after researching, found that until we can fix our ABS systems issues, the best thing to do would be to unplug the fuses and disable the ABS system. It was kicking on at very low speeds and grinding. The light had been on forever, but suddenly - last 3 or 4 days, it was kicking on at very low speeds (the slower the more it kicked on) and the brakes would shudder and make a grinding noise- Now, I have unplugged fuses, but there is still a loud deep grinding noise when braking - the closer I get to pushing brake in completely, the louder it gets...any ideas? Did I do something wrong? Is there a different problem going on with the ABS issue? Is there something else that needs to be disabled? Thank you!
Fuel pump works, fuel filter new, checked fuel test port (getting fuel), new spark plugs spark, iginition coil works. Replaced dist cap and rotor. Equipped with SFI system but testing is limited. Cannot verify fuel presence in ports. No known fuel system fault at this time.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am also trying to remove the drain plug on the oil pan and it is stripped. Is there a way to easily remove it and fix it? Thank you very much for the help. :-)
shop said in rear for sure. Can this be repaired easy or must go to professonal.
it's a 1500 5.7l
I'm having problems to pass emissions. I already took my van to a three trained technicians and they couldn't find anything wrong. The level of NOx is a 2.5 were it should be a 2. I really would apreciate any help on this matter. There is no codes stores at the computer. Replace a spark plugs, did a good tune up still failing.
engine runs rough..could it be fuel pressure regulator? light does come on. what other reasons for engine running rough? had tune up and fuel additive.
My radiator seems to have developed a leak on the drivers side of the radiator. I suspect it needs to be replaced, and need info on how to do the job. Are there special tools or knowledge I need. Places on line I can go for info, or tips someone can give me to get the job done?
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