1999 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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van starts and shuts right back off. changed the key ignition came up with code for security. changer fuel pump and a used spider fuel injectors with a new fuel regulator. Im thinking it needs to be relearned to the ecm....dont have a communication?
this is an old conversion van that is used for a handicapped person. the fluid has no been changed in a while.
Speedometer going crazy and I changed the VSS but still the problem remains. Changed it a day ago. Today its back! I would like to Do-it-Myself. I'm an Average joe tjat loves to save Money.
Takes forever to get to 30 mph
reservoir Has no electrical sensor.
Dose net seem to be E brake mechanism.
After having a mechanic run a check on my suburban he said it miss fires some times not always. And it is slow on accelerating when cold also it shakes some times
the front wheel off so that i might change the pads
While I'm backing up gears seems to make grinding noise
Where is the heater control valve located?
replaced bank 1 sensor 1 o2 light went out then came back on code 135 cleared codes no light but code 134 can you tell me whats up
But when you drive for a while and after a stop you go again it bangs in to second gear.I've checked fluid, could it be a throttle sensor?
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