1998 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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My 1998 Chevy Van came with the door pull broken off. Need all parts to put new one on. I am referring to the piece that is used only to pull the door closed, in beige if possible.
I think there may be parts for inside the door panel as well.
Today I went to get gas then I tried to turn it back in but it wouldnt start up. So I changed the crank sensor on it then I tried again but it still would not turn over... so my question is if I changed the crank sensor should it start with no problem? So guys I need a tip here because I need my van back on the road for me and my family because that's our main van thanks.
what would be the problem?
had the computer and distributor replaced last year, not sure if maybe the fuel pump went out or is it possible for the fuel filter to be plugged and not allowing the proper pleasure to start the engine?
van runs great, revs up and everything. put feels hesitant and wont go over 50 mph. acts like cruise control is on. speeds up and slows down and speeds up and slows down no mater how hard you push on gas. the dash cluster needs replaced, the speedometer reads 100 when you are going 50. not sure if thats would cause it to do that?
speed meter stopped working & now Transmission shifts hard & ABS Brake light came on
engine in morning runs fine.when outside temps rise,van starts to miss. throws 307 code.when engine cools or outside temp goes down, like after a rain, van runs fine again. a/c or load almost always starts the problem. i have spider injectors(expensive) so want to make sure i'm not replacing the wrong parts or need other parts too.
I started it up and oil started pouring out right where the oil filter is the filter is tight what could be my problem
usually reads about half full. doesn't change when adding gas.
have a 350 engine in and need to know where to charge it at
I have 213,000 miles on my van and never had a problem and this dropping out of gear almost feels like the engine is hesitating but I know it is not that but is the trans. When I let off the excellerator it goes back in gear and I continue on ok.
Is there a trans computer that could cause this condition or do I need a trans rebuild. If I drive easy this does not happen but I am afraid it could stop working when I am out in the middle of nowhere.
service engine light still remains on
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