1997 Chevrolet Express 1500 Questions

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When I use my directional lights they dim and my dashboard gauges go up and down while they're on and at night tail lights work fine but when I use my brake half of the tail lights go off and the brake
lights doesn't work just the ones above the rear doors
Just purchased this van. Was used as a work van. The turn signals don't come on at all when the lever is pushed, for left or right. No turbo blink indicating a blown bulb, just nothing happens. Yet the flashers work. Any ideas?
I own a 1999 Chevy express van 1500 v8 and it doesn't blow cold air in the front or in the rear .the a/c compressor is new but it doesn't turn on . its the second compressor we bought .does anyone know what it would be ??
Hello and thank you all for helping.

I have changed fuel pump, all spider injectors, complete distributor, cap, rotor, spark plugs, throttle body cleaned, plenum cleaned and new seals, engine has great compression and its on correct timing.

I changed the TPS sensor 9-4-14 and had to put original back because it seemed it was worst. If I rev the engine its good / strong but I remove my foot from the pedal and stalls. Difficult to start again but does turn on and chokes.
There is no codes. My next step is checking the grounds by the thermostat housing and coolant sensor which does not make sense but has corrected others for what I have read.

Thanks again
If I replace the spark plug of my 1997 Chevrolet Express Van 1500, 5.7LV8, what is the gap of the spark plug?
the chevy van has been pulling to passenger side when you put on brakes and now it heat up the front driving side and the rotor and brake pads are in the metal.when you put the brake on to stop or slow down the van the brakes on the driver side stay on enough to bogg the van down and heat up if i keep running the van. now let me tell you a good one.I have change the rotor,calaper.bearing,brake pads on driver side.I also change calaper and brake pads on passenger side.I bleaded the brake line up front.iam goingto change brake hose on front. is there any think you can suggest it mind be i doing the work myself thank you gary
working normally. datastream on scanner ranges from 0-5 degrees F for coolant temp. Are there separate sensors ? Just recently installed new battery. Any advice?
Trying to start van, it turned over, no start, electrical power lost. Is there a relay bad somewhere? This just started today.
I was wondering what type of motor oil to buy.
There really isnt any problem except the fact that I dont know the location, the type and how to change the fuel filter out.
I was just wondering how to go about changing the headlight bulbs in my 97 express 12 passenger?
Is there an inspection plate above the fuel pump in the bed of the van?
tail lights wont work. i have brake lights and turn signals. i found that the fuse was no good and replaced it with the same good one. the tail lights came one but when i put it in drive and went about 20 feet the tail lights stopped working again. checked the fuse and it was blown. where would this problem most likely be located? all bulbs and elliments are ok and good condition
Why hard start when cold? Warm? no problems
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