2013 Chevrolet Equinox Questions

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I can control the radio from the steering wheel.
this has happened several times this year, but the all the lights and everything in the dash is working?
When stopped or starting to move the engine sputters and after about 5 to7 seconds it will take off fine.
I bought a chevy equinox 2013 model. I changed the windscreen but now the car wont start. I don't know if there is a code or security feature on the car or engine. please what should I do. thanks
I stopped at a gas station filled up, used the restroom. As I was walking back to the car a loud bang occur. Like a tire blew out. I then noticed fluid running out on the ground green in color. Proir to this I just picked it up from the dealer because the a/c was not working. They had to order a module, so they put it back together so I could have it for the weekend . Is this just a coincidence this happened
Been to dealership twice for Hvac problem they say cannot find problem keep putting Freon in it. Will not replace any part because they sais if GM found the part to be ok when they return it the dealership would have to pay for part!!!!
I had my windshield replaced last week & noticed that the
light on the dashboard goes on when locked, and stays on.
I have had this car over a year, and never noticed it staying on all the time. Was this caused by replacing the windshield? If not, what should I do?
I have to turn the defrost off every time. It is not being left on when turning the car off.
Sometimes when I am about to come to a full stop, mu brakes pulsate and feels like the car is going to stall. I have 21,000 on it. Is this mormal? I am operating the car in the "ECO" mode. Is this how the new cars are being made? or do I have an issue to take it to the dealer. THANKS in advance.
I left from dealership with full tank of gas. did not touch gas cap because it was filled up by dealership. Now getting warning for loose gas cap and an emissions warning light. Tried to tighten gas cap did not work. Now not comfortable with a brand new car.
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