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car starts just jerks forward or backward with the stabilization on
Gas cap replacement tether fastening
it started this at 95000 miles on it at the time took it to the cheve garage to be checked over while still in warranty they said it was fine I now have it at a independent shop spent 300 hundred on test shop owner said he had one more test to do he thinks its a sensor inside the engine and wants 2000 thousand dollars to fix it?
My car was running when the screen went black, my phone still connects heat, and air still works but radio does not and the phone charger in the console quit working as well
I just noticed this same water problem in the passenger side and is also in the drivers side as well. Haven't tried to fix it yet...anyone else had this fixed? We have had tons of rain don't really run the A/C - wondering where it came from and how to fix it. Please help
The key fob broke last week (key and Fob are now 2 pieces) However, it started and drove fine. Left it set for a week while on vacation, now it is having this the key fob the problem?
wondering if "brains" are frying in florida heat. not consistant with odd things happening, will computer plug in show problem?
The car started throwing a p0013 code so I replaced the sensors and the actuators now I keep getting the p0340 code why?
My car will start sometimes. When it doesn't start- I turn key over and it won't turn over for a bit but will start sometimes. While driving down the road the car will jerk shutter. I thought it was missing. Found out that gas is going into my crankcase in engine. If the car stops or slows clear down it will die unless I keep my foot on the gas.
Last night we attempted to drive car..couldn't get it to run..can unlock doors just can't get car to start. We've been smelling gassy odor for about a month and a half now. Car has been loud ..keep seeing airbag light pop on and off. Not sure what type cylindar it is
Starting when backing up... now if I just go very slow when starting to go.
can't use controls on radio or heater panel
I can not use my automatic starter, this started today and the engine light is on.
the check engine with code p0010
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