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I figured the battery was dead, replaced it. Now when I try to start it I have power but it won't do anything and the fuel gauge is at E even though its about 3/4 full. Other gauges seem to work fine.
My vehicle recently has began losing computer functioning briefly yet randomly while driving. The radio will shut off in addition to random lighting up of car function lights on dashboard but then return to normal state. It especially happens as the accelerator is pressed after making a complete stop. The servitraks service message will also appear randomly as this occurs.
My 2011 equinox shakes at red lights and stop signs. Added something to get possible water out of gas. Drove till almost empty then filled tank with best gasoline grade. No help. Happens all the time.
I parked my 2011 chevy equinox in my new garage and found a puddle that was black as tar had a weird oil smell but felt like there was some water with it, not having luck with dealership they say it's nothing. They don't see any problem. Had the car in for oil consumption issues 2 months after getting it.
tried disconnecting and reconnecting wires of lights and battery and nothing
when I turn left or right I have a grinding noise and it feels I its fighting to turn
I changed a sensor in camshaft. How long til check engine lite goes off?
Is the camshaft acututar the same as the camshaft position?
What's the schedule maintenance to replace a Timing belt on a 2011 Equinox?
The is acting like it doesn't want to start and sometimes doesn't but if it does, I am getting a service power steering message?? Are the two related?
The control panel shows a message stating this 'Service Stability System. I have already replaced sensor for my left rear wheel. The message still appears intermittently. What can cause this?
Replaced bearing which was bad and this noise started
Transmission Control System (MIL Request)
I have a Chevy Equinox 2012 bought it like a week ago and wrong put a regular gas 87 not knowing i should put a E85 gas and my car start stalling and cutting off when you out to drive I was told I need to change the camshaft sensor and I did but the problem persist. What can Ido
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