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Crank pulley and belt just recently replaced. crank pulley came off again. What could be causes it to keep coming off?
Replaced the starter,negative cable harness, battery pulled and tested good, one shop said it had a draw on the battery. Another shop said the key fobs had to be reprogrammed. Dealer said it was a bad negative cable harness that they charged us $375 dollar's for got the car back from the dealer and does it again as soon as we got home
Reverse yes drive nothing. Want to add sound transmission fluid. What is fluid is recommended.
Dextrin VI is hard to find.
Car dead can not get key out of ignition
i was going in for a oil change and somehow the mechanic stated a valve needed to be replaced so the replaced it the day after I got my car the car turned off while driving and my steering wheel locked I called and asked and they said to see if I could add steering wheel fluid however my car does not use steering wheel fluid? What could this be ?
Approximately twice a month
replaced everything the the codes said but still nothing
Someone was replacing the idler tensioner pulley on my 2010 Equinox and stupidly pulled the key out of the ignition in the AC position while the battery was unhooked. My car required boosting off after having battery unhooked and reeplacing pulley. I was able to reinsert the key (still in AC position) and all the lights came on like it was going to crank but when I turned it over, nothing-just clicked. Needless to say when I turned the key back, all the way to the Off position that you would normally remove your key, the whole thing shut down. Couldnt turn the key to even try to crank it, no lights, no noise, no nothing. Please help. Do you think a new ignition and key would fix it??
The engine is making a knocking sound as well
It has been like this for a few months and I'm trying not to bring it to the dealer and get a $700 quote. It's been a few months.
The following codes: P0171 and P0131
the vehicle fights and makes noise going in reverse
usually happens when it is cold and mostly at night or early morning as I work swing shift. It has happened a total of four times now. Have very little power,
Been in shop three times first they said it was the cams then they said I needed a timing chain after spending over 2,200 hundred dollars still not fixed
My daughter stuck a dvd in not knowing there was one in the DVD player which is also my cd player now it won't suck the DVD nor cd in. What can I do withoUT going to dealership
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