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check engine light , service stabilitrak and traction control light have been on for three years and i've taken it to several mechanics and not one of them can tell me what the issue is. So tired of putting money into this car. It's a 2008 with 84,000 miles. Had the egr valve changed not once but twice, spark plugs have been changed, sensors have been changed on the tires. And the lights still stay on. I've even taken it to the Chevy dealer. Anyone have any suggestions besides don't ever buy a Chevy?
Car was running fine yesterday but now won't start at all if you hit the key it will spin and spin but never fire
Knocking noise only in reverse and the car want go over 60 miles also heistates while driving
the battery is up this is the 2nd time. the 1st time I just charged up battery this time its not working. battery says it is 12.8
Also the tire pressure on the car shows different than the manual tire gauge
Vibrates when braking
I delete the code and come back agine
Not engine someone else saying that the door isn't opening
Flush the engine
Car died started wit a jump got a new battery car wouldnt start put in a new starter new alternator still wont start so bypassed the ignition swich started right up but now the check engine light came on wit a code transmission module not responding & now have no power feels like its in neutral reverse is still working but any other gear hardly nothing any idea's thank you
I had a hard hesitation and no power before the EGR was changed and it went away and ran great for 1 week, now the new diagnosis says the EGR Valve is bad again? How can this happen? Is there something else making my EGR Valve bad?
I just cant find it...
The last time I filled up with gas, the car started missing. I put in a can of Sea Foam, now I have only a 1/4 of a tank left and it is still missing. When it misses, I press the gas and it will stop. Should I put in another can of Sea Foam?
My car doesn't want to start
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