2006 Chevrolet Equinox Questions

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problem occurs when the car is driven

car is overheating and heater does not work all the time, have changed the water pump and thermostat.

I went to the dealer to get an egr tube and they told me there had been a recall on that part. I ask then why can't you replace what's needed. He told me the car is old and they couldn't replace what was needed. I'd have to buy a kit and have it put on. The whole kit he says runs around $245. I told him no thank you and left. Does a recall expire? I'm done with all gm products. I'm really planning on buying a ford. You want to know something took a ford dealer to find out what was wrong with the 2005 impala I had.

after a changed the front passenger tire with the donut provided tried to drive on highway and will not accelerate and a warning light pops up on dashboard in the right side rpm window

Cabin lights (front top and rear compartment) stay lit when the car is in motion. The lights eventually go out after I exit the car and the alarm is set.

car will not move, made a loud pop sound and now will not move, goes into gear ok but won't move when give it gas. wheel started shaking badly before it quit moving.

I had it flushed twice and a new thermostat put in still no heat. Only cold air

I recently had my oil changed and they forgot to reset the sensor on the dashboard. Can I do this at home?

Feels like it's vibrating, could it be caused by alignment being out of whack?

It kind of lurches and lugs, struggles going up hills and sometimes has trouble when I start the engine.

Everything was fine but when I started my car after washing it the engine, reduced engine and TC light all came's only done this one other time after going through a car wash place. Why is this doing this and is there anything "I" can do to get this problem fixed?

Both past sets of tires and the current set the front tires wear faster then the back and the are wearing even across the front two tires.

as if it will fall apart, very frightening. Does anyone know the approximate cost to fix this? (I live in Michigan btw) I just had to replace the alternator yesterday. Went to O' Reilly's to have them perform the test. He told me it was the battery not receiving enough juice from the alternator. Well, I started it today and it didn't want to start at first. It eventually did. However, to me it seems as if it was the battery all along, wasn't it? I guess I'm just looking for answers. Very frustrated at this point considering I lost a days pay only to have my car still not running right! Grrr! :P
Thank you ahead of time!!

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