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2005 Equinox - all I see is the odometer reading, how do I find trip readings? Bought car used....
My equinox starts ,but after running about 10min, engine looses all power & stops, no warning. It smells hot but doesnt register overheated. Mech installed new ingnition switch & fuel pump relay. This did nothing, but cost $650. Please help me!! Thanks
With driver door closed in park.
almost sounds like tire is ready to fall off but isnt and what is the transaxle
The hatch back does not unlock. The electronic key does not work and manually unlocking the door does not always release the hatch back. Every once in a while the hatch will release.
3 months ago I had a head gasket replacement not sure if I've heard that noise before or after install, nothing is leaking in the floor board and no water coming through vents just that spewing/hissing sound coming from the vents at all times
Caliper hanging up after being replaced twice. When it's hot out it seems to be worse. Don't knpw what else to try
I rear ended someone & both my air bags deployed. Damage to front bumper (right side) cover, front right fender & radiator. I didn't have coverage for collision on mine. Wondering what I have to do on the air bags ? And how costly is it going to be ? I've have nothing but probs w/this Equanox. So wondering if it'll be cheaper to buy another car. My front end damage will cost arnd $400-600.00. Air Bags ? Thank You , TJ
fuses keep blowing. Need box replaced....HOW?
ABS system is broke. need it fixed.
when you turn it on, it smells like the antifreeze leaked into it
I have a series of different problems with my 2005 Chevy Equinox. I saw my ABS and TC on recently and when I hit the brake it's like it scraping on something and the brake often gets stiff. Another issue is like its when I'm hitting the gas it's like it's not going , seems as if something is holding it back. I also saw like it was leaking fuel from the front end. All these issues started when my ABS AND TC lights came on. What could be the cause of all these problems ?
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