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No coolant smell, no loss of coolant, no over heating on highway or in town, seems to do it more at dark but not always, when it doesn't do it I can hear and feel something click in place?
vehicle drives normal on straight road picks up speed to the max but as soon as i hit an incline it loses speed and feels as if it is smothering
dealer says it's bad
There is no sound to blinkers during this issue. Have found pushing loose fuses mainly under the hood solves problem for 1-2 days.
I am afraid something more serious will cut out. Power steering was mentioned on line.
How to fix ? GM had a special bulletin regarding negative battery cables; that may be a factor ?
Issue takes place approx. once a week after car has warmed up.
Engine runs but tends to die when gets hotter outside
I have to keep my foot on the brake and gas at stop lights to keep the car running.
Driver side only passenger side still working.
Stop at ,,stop light toook few. Seconds to go and. Get up to ,speed but got in. Certain town didn't do it no more
Headlights work sometimes
Recalls, I have had the car for 2 years and have had 2 recalls
Dose not work
My 2012 chevy cruz will not start and the front light want come on in the dash board want to no if it a electric problem thanks you in advance Stephen Washington
How much to fix it
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