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Traction control light and stability light are on. Now it just up and stopped. Wife came out of work and it wouldn't start, even had someone come with a jumperbox and it still wouldn't start. Charged the battery back up to 14.3 Volts and still won't start. Loses power to the ignition when you try to start it.

I put gas in I left the car running, the next morning I had a check engine light

My car will sometimes have up to a 3 second delay when I step on the gas. It is extremely dangerous and operating in busy traffic is almost impossible. If I just gradually push on the pedal it will slowly accelerate per normal. But if I want to quickly accelerate theres a serious 2-3 second delay. Can this be fixed?

On my a/c and heat, the blower motor operates at the same setting on speeds 1-3. When I switch it to 4, the fan finally picks up in speed. What could it be?

When I first got the car, the trunk release button worked just fine on the trunk itself. Now when I press it, it does nothing and I have to use the remote. What can i do?

Just happened last night and continues this morning. Have been smelling an intermittent electrical smell for several weeks.

I have been having a random misfire issue. OBD says it's it is in second and third cylinder. Engine light flashes, and I'm noticing it is only doing so (misfiring) at high speeds (65, 70MPH +)

Also it is only doing it after the engine warmed up, so 50-150 miles into a trip. I have replaced the coil pack and spark plugs are new, properly gapped, etc. Fuel injectors are functioning and I have not yet noticed anything with the way it drives when misfiring (shaking, rumbling, noise, etc)

So, I have an appt at a dealership this weekend. Does anybody have any idea (or previously experienced this issue) what it might be?

I have a turbo, 1.4 liter engine, automatic transmission and just hit 52,3000 miles. Thank you.

Hearing loud noise from right front or right rear when driving over 55mph.

my car doesn't like to heat up while idling anymore. it heats up and blows hot when i'm driving but when i come to a stop sign/light, drive thru, etc, even warming it up in the morning. does anyone have any idea as to why this could be happening?

I already bring it in service center and fixed it but still the a/c still not functioning well. why it's still not cold enough?

We drove it off the house and then it atarted smoking I pulled over and turn it off and now it wont start.