2008 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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Problem still exist, changed batteries again today, maybe this will solve problem. Car battery, alternator and starter all ok. Ignition switch still lights up, could this be the culprit? Any insights to this problem is greatly appreciated. Thank You.
All the down I pushed it back up she stays up then if you step on it she stays down?
I have 132,000+ miles. The problem is intermittent. I checked plug wires and they appear fine. My air filter does need replacing. I replaced the plugs at around 110,000 miles with NKG plugs.
New issue. Recently fixed no low beam issue by replacing wire in fuse box. Worked perfectly. Drove approx 200 miles no issue till returned home. Noticed air getting warm,gauge and dic temperature rising 248!!! Also noticed check engine light on.Checked coolant level,was not low and saw nothing comming out from under carriage.
need to replace power steering rack.
I plan to replace them with LED tail lights.
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