2007 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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they stopped doing this. They are suppose to go down. But they have stopped.
Could it be the traction control is on? How to take it off?
I am about to get a 2007 vette, owner put headers and tuned exhust on it will this have an effect on the alum heads?? all so I've heard the a lot of corvettes have harmonic balancer problems WHY???? and what other problems should I ask about???
Sender is intermittent since last fill this morning
my daughter has an 2007 corvette convertible. the drivers side window will not close all of the way. The passenger side window lowers and raises as the door is opened and closed. The drivers side does not. what do I need to do to fix this issue?
now it wont pass inspection i want to know if this is a defect, i think it is thanks mary
Car has same performance as always.
Power steering became heavy
In shift, standardized operation, but the flameout
how much a shop would probably charge to fix it for me or atleast a rough figure.
Headlights/foglights come on during the day, but not at night. What is the problem?
Driver's side power seat want go back or forward, seat motor is gets very hot.
Floor vibration started 3 months ago after hitting a major pothole on highway. took to Chevy dealer for diagnosis and found 3 wheels would not balance (forced balance)did alignment & replaced all tires & wheels, replaced motor mounts and still have vibration in floor. All wheels are in balance and checked the Transaxle/half axils, everything is OK. Checked Exhaust for grounding, found none. Torque tube (drive shaft)shows no sign of damage, have not replaced as of yet. Still have vibration in floor only, after all of this has been done, Dealership is at a loss. Any ideas would be very helpful.
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