2005 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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heads up display not working
I drove it two days ago press the key fob to lock it the horn blew twice and the next day when I press the fob no response and the doors are lock
door will not unlock when i approach the vehicle. car will not start when i get in the car thru the hatchback.
We are trying to hook up a wireless backup camera. Wires need to be spliced to the backup light. Thank you.
47,000 miles Coolant leak
passenger door will open but driver door will not
it feels like the switch isn't disengaging when I press the brake pedal. repeatedly pressing and releasing the brake pedal doesn't seem to work, but sometimes when I turn off the engine, open the door, close the door and restart the engine it works. Nothing seems to work all of the time.....
This will be the second time I have replaced the passenger seat belt because it will lock up and will not release. I have a 5 year old child and i was out of town and once again the seat belt locked and I had to drive 200 miles with a child and no seat belt. Any advice on how to fix this problem without spending MORE money on replacing?
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