2003 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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On takeoff at normal operation it will not go into 2nd gear. Automatic transmission. Doesn’t feel like it’s slips but won’t go into 2nd even manually shifting.
Can you replace a pulley on a air compressor on a E500 2003 Mercedes without buying the whole air condition compressor
its coming from the area of the left headlight
front parking DRL bulb's burn out quick ,bulb;s have already melted the housing cover;s twice . heard LED;s don't burn out as quick .
How do I trouble shoot the problem. It does it mainly on take off it has the 6speed manual Trans.
I ran over a lump of rubber in the road and it lifted my car off the ground about 3 inches and dropped it hard and I began to hear a rustling sound in the area of the blower motor and especially when I went around corners...I suspect water because there were no puddles when I parked after driving with the a/c on. a few weeks later as I only drive on the weekends the blower motor became intermittent and quit altogether my girlfriend said she felt water on her feet in the passenger side and the floor was damp when I checked. I think water fried my resistor and or the motor but again the fuse is fine.. Is there a relay hiding somewhere that I can check...Before I replace the reistor or motor..the fan Blower does not work in any speed or with the heater .. If I have the a/c with it set to the outside air position i feel cool air tricking in but no where near enough volume ...... Any ideas
ok when I start my engine my radio antenna should go up when I turn it off it should go down its stays up the whole time. Thank u
Can you tell me where the check valves are located ?
Climate Control Panel light is very dim hardley readlable , everything else is funcational
the service column lock message comes on with the serviceride control message,what do i have
The Service Ride Control came on. Is that something that needs to be service as soon as possible, or can it wait until the next oil change?
how do you drop the driveshaft to get to the crossover tube.
howdopull the drive shaft and crossover fuel tsnk tube.
need to replace crossover pipe for fuel tanks.
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