2000 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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The car still won't start after putting computer on it after replacing Power Wagon later window on the passenger side 2000 Corvette
Passenger side power window motor stays hot what cause that on a 2000 Corvette
My 2000 Corvette is in wake up mode how can I unlock wake up mode
Key will turn car will not start 6-speed you can have the clutch when it clicks when you turn the key it will not start it this started once I replace the window regulator and motor
Doesn't move back automatically when key is removed
I can rev it up when idling, but as soon as its in gear and I give it any gas at all, it stalls out
gauge drops to empty and low fuel message comes on
Dealer says need a new transmission. Say cannot really repair satisfactorily. Is this correct?
the headlights do not come on at this time until I actually turn the switch to the headlights
When in 1st gear but goes on find in three and drive on hiway
I changed the belt prior to the harmonic balancer & 4 times after the balancer-even tried a Gator back belt, changed the tensioner also. I isolated it to the main belt. Took it to Chevy mechanic claimed dirty pulleys-cleaned them all, they put on a new belt-one month later same morning chirps until warm up...Help what gives? Thank you.
Had oil sensor replaced now I have a noise under hood
My oil pressure gauge is pegged at 80 psi - the sender needs to be replaced, is this something I can do?
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