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Hey ya'll

I own a 1999 Corvette, and I Have the parts that I would like to have installed. Is this possible?

Tim Burton
What is the cost to repair a transmission on the 1999 corvette
the squeaking noises doesn't seem to be coming from the belts, and it stops after the car has ran for a few mins
pop up headlight passenger side front headlight will not pop up
Part is 60$ amazon 172$ Chevy dealer'.They claim 3Hr work for 300$ total cost 472$ is this correct. Thx Ron
just bought this car 4 days ago the 2nd day my check engine light came on so I checked the book and it said maybe the gas cap or gas is the problem after a day the light went out it came back on today I'm worried bought the car as is check engine light stays on steady what is the problem

starts than stalls when put in gear steering works when car is running or not running just want to get it home or dealer without being towed
Had power assist before hose replaced but now does not is not whining and has no air bubbles in it. Any ideas?
Is there a turn key on then off sequence that resets the security.?
the problem happens continously
my a/c doesn't turn on and the display will show exterior temps. from-35 to 48 degrees. alsowhere is the exterior air temp sensor located?I think Imight offorgot to plug it back in whenichanged the radiator Thanks
PO141,PO161 PO171,PO174
slight leak of transmisson fluid at rear of transmisson by differental
display in dual climate control not working. AC and heat work fine. can you fix this problem?
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