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How do I remove the emergency brake cable from the caliper???
I was going at 70mph and accelerated too fast - when I came back home, the car was idling and still shifting but it's slightly shaking when idling (from left to right).

I drove it around but definitely something is broken. What did I break and what is the estimated cost to repair.


I replaced the optispark
.Tried starting it back fired. Did I install it wrong or did I miss something? Also sys light flash on after several attempt to start. Help!!!
no fire at plugs and no rpm"s on tach when trying to start
High idle speed will not drop to low speed
Lights not on/open but when I turn off the engine the system beside the light tries to close. Is there an adjustment or does it need to be replaced?
traffic (lights, stop signs, etc) it starts to chug as if it will stall. When I'm on the highway and step on the gas the acceleration is not smooth. I've had a complete tuneup, new oxygen sensors, new SAP, new PCV valve and hose and use Techtron fuel line cleaner.. Any ideas as to what is causing the problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
First thought it was a bad pump out of the box so I took it back and got another one - same problem. Seals on the old pump were dry rotted causing the leak.
it has an oily odor as well
After running 5 - 10 minutes the windows start to fog up. After i stop the car and it sits the windshield fogs up and i have to use a towel to clean it before driving again. Could there be a problem with the heater core?
What else could be the cause? I find it hard to believe that all 3 batteries were bad! There has to be something else causing the battery to be completely dead after 3 days!y
My wipers won't work! Neither does the windshield washer. I changed the wiper fuse. Then I changed the wiper control/ cruise control/ signal/ lever. Then I changed the switch that the wiper/signal lever connects to and still nothing. I changed the circuit board on the wiper motor. I bypassed everything by grounding the motor and connecting the battery positive directly to the motor and IT WORKED. Which leads me to believe that it might be more than just the motor. I'm completely stumped! I'm not crazy about letting strangers (mechanics) touch my little girl, but I will if I have to. My biggest question is, is it possible for a bad washer pump to cause the entire system to fail?
I have spent over $4000.00 to have the throttle body replaced, the ECM, all sparkplug wires and plugs, replaced the rotor cap and rotor, replaced throttle body and sensor. Had fuel pump and filter checked. Car will die at slow speed like parking or stopping at a red light. When I hit it hard on the freeway it will hesitate and shudders and feels like it is going to stall. I have no idea except perhaps injectors. It really seems like a fuel problem. The dealer is suggesting that it could be the solenoid sensor for the OD on the transmission and I am taking it in this morning to have that disconnected to see if that helps. They can not find any problems when it is connected to the computer and they scan all systems. Any suggestions???
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