1993 Chevrolet Corvette Questions

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On my 93 Corvette the digital part of the gauges in the center does not work it just flickers all the time the previous owner had the gauges replaced and all the wires checked nd still never fixed it any help here
Is there any other way this system can be bypased
1st time it happened
yes i was wondering if you could recommend a insulation kit to help reduce the engine noise in the cab.
I have replaced the battery cleaned and replaced fuses replaced the computer and switched back to the original computer got a new key and got the alarm bypass from ecklers right now im stuck can you PLEASE HELP
Ok I over charged the battery and replaced the battery tried a new computer got the vats bypass from ecklers and security light stays on also bought a new ignition key any help would greatly appreciated
Same problem a year stop, problem returned.
Changed fuel pump relay, changed fuel filter, changed oil pressure switch, Did tune up: plugs, wires, distributor, installed by-pass computer chip for Vats system. BAFL computer. Replaced fusable links. cranks no fuel pressure or power to fuses
tap motor housing will start working at very low speed.
when the engines cold if fires on the first turn
All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.
after a 200 mile trip started this was 100 degree day but engine temp was ok . when stopping and then when you try to pull away would stall afte about 3 trys was able to pull away.
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