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Right side opens left side will not release.
It looks like the mechanism to open the door does not respond.
Fuel gage only goes to half full, even
when tank is full of gas, on my
1979 Corvette
the car is a 1975
auto transmission of 79 Vette Slips into neutral, seemingly, and intermittantly, at 20mph to 40mph and does not slip at any other speeds. Vette on blocks for 5 years 2011-Mar2016; replaced Transmission fluid and filter May 2016
reputable corvette service and work shop, with staff that cares and are knowledgeable. I've have so many bad experiences. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you. P.S I live in Dallas Texas
On the rear right speaker I have very low vol when vol is turned up hi. |On right spkr front I don't hear anything. Does not matter if it is a cd,cassette or radio station.
ck engine light intermittently came on and car would stall it seemed when foot was taken off gas, but start back up again by putting in Neutral and starting while driving. Checked by mechanic, on paperwork it says -24 No Vehicle Speed Signal Received. Also ckd wiring from ECM to cluster in VSS instrument cluster. What is this and what could it be. He drove it and it didn't stall. However I had just filled it before giving the car to him.
Electrical issue. Possible computer damage when the positive/negative cables were switched in attempting to charge dead battery.
heat the engine runs but only if i put gas down the carburator, the fuel injectors dont seem to be delivering fuel?
In seconds of each other.Is the compressor shot
won't even run after warmed up ran and stalled just starts and stall can't keep a idle. then when it cools down it will start up run ok for a while then stall at stop lights if in drive and not moving or gasing the pedal have had my fuel pump replaced just recently the idle control valve replaced which made it worse now it stalls after running getting to running temp, new plugs new wires new caatalytic convertors new knock sensor amoung other things i just keep paying for service and parts and my car still isnt running right I can barely drive anywhere without getting stranded
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