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cylinder 2 was dead, I swapped only the 1&2 spark plugs and the problem moved to cyl1, so I thought it must be a bad spark plug,... then I swapped only the 1&2 spark plug wires and cyl1 remained dead, then I swapped the wires back... the cyl1 wire is sparking when removed from the spark plug, the cyl1 plug is sparking when the wire & plug assy are removed from the cylinder chamber. can it be a bad plug even tho it is sparking??
It runs fine as long as I aing going up a hill why
Car won't stay running and then only idle touch throttle it dies. Have replaced fuel pump filter took off converter replaced crank sensor computer, map , throttle ,and mad sensors help help help
Acts like it runs 0ut of gas
I've disconnected the battery to replace the starter bolted everything back up the way it should be but now I have no power going to the starter or anywhere else not sure where the ground for the battery is located at on the block or anything like that
I have a 1988 Corsica. There is radiator fluid leaking from the HVAC elbox drainage. Every time I refill the radiator with fluid it drains out the elbow drainage. Other times it just goes somewhere. I have no idea.
This is the third alternator in 2 months, a new one was installed yesterday and today the light is back on, its not the fuse that was also replaced.
we have replaced the thermostat heater core and starp plugs found out its a blown head gasket but now our car wont start the battery was dead so we tried to jumper it but it wont kick over can u please help why the light and everything work but it just wont kick over
Car runs good most of the time , but has got to where it will run like it is on one cylinder, I have replaced the plugs,wires, coil packs, computer, fuel filter and it still does it, As long as I baby it ,It will run okay, but if I drive it normal it will run like it is choking, I have also removed the converter. Not sure what to do?
1989 using too much gas
Heat would come on and then go off and now it stays off. Don't know where blower motor is located in engine.
The idle fluctuates up and down it also stalled and would not stay running if put in gear
car starts fine at first but after drivig it a while and i turn it off and then try to start it up again it won't start. the engine trys to turn over but it just won't start.
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