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I need to know how to determine how much my chevy Colorado will pull.
maintence on time out no where turn on started shakin turn of check p0300 change sparkplugs oil .n samething rpms 500-1500 gave it gas n it ran but seem holding back then advance then threw p0101 p0068 p0418 p0443 so took in cause did want to guess check with another scanner misfire 1 and 4 cylinder change ignition coils samething check compression 0 on 1 and 4 150s other 2 cylinders need advice possbilty ignitioncontrol module cause lack of compression or i really need value job pls help
Apparently, someone tried to glue it back together. The AC now pours water out under the dash. The AC still works, but has a terrible odor.
Ignition turns on but no starting attempt, no clicking. New Battery installed. About ten minutes later it will start, no problem. This is a periodic problem.
The dealer has had to pull the dash off two times and the labor is very expensive. Said each time was a different part and it is not under warranty.
Did I get a lemon and should Cheverolet be responsible?

Thank-you very much. I'll wait for your reply.

my engine light stays on
People are talking about only working on high speed. The blower totally quits. It takes weeks to work again

Is this the same problem faulty blower resistor block, located behind the front passenger side fender

Motor shows no problems when checked
engine controls fine, cruise control works, no codes, Worked intermittently now has stopped at full deflection/ scale. Looked underneath, wiring looked fine on tranny housing. Could the sensor be located on the engine?
where is the OBD-II port on 2010 chevy colorado
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