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My Colorado has an evaporation cannister it was a fuel filter there..Is there another one
I heard a snap when going from cold to hot, now all it does is blow cool air.
Ive changed cam and crank sensors ck engine llight stays on even after I reset it comes back on ???
Problem: Sometimes at start up after engine is at operating temperature and is shut off for a length of time (greater than an hour), which seems to vary based on outside temperature. Engine will hesitate at startup. RPM drops to almost zero jumps to 2000, back to zero up again and finally settles in at a little less than 1000 slowly drops to around 600.

Replaced Mass Air Flow
Replaced Camshaft Solenoid
Replaced Throttle body and sensor (Dealer replaced)
Cleaned PVC valve

Doesn’t exhibit problem when cold, never a problem with first start in morning.

If engine is shut off when hesitation starts it will not exhibit problem when immediately restarted.

Can shut off and restart multiple times and it will not exhibit problem.

Seems that it’s related to temperature of engine or related parts.

Never have seen a Check engine light
My truck dies, I turn it off for a minute and start it again. It has been doing this for about a month, but now it is dying more often
When I go over a speed bump my back in makes a noise and if you shake the body there is a noise thumping noise
also it runs hot even when i have the A/C on to
Usually when I have taken off from the lights, I accelerate and the car rev to about 4000rpm though takes really long to gain speed
However I get a display that say a AC off . Then sometimes everything is running ok . If AC compressor doesn't come on I disconnect battery cable off then reconnect it back again and everything works normal for days or sometimes for a couple of hours
I already had clutch adjusted
my 2008 chevy Colorado 1.9 has some play on the brake pedal it goes 2 inches down before I can feel it braking what can cause that
it has 145k miles, just started. Oil always changed on a regular basis. I know I have a cracked exhaust manifold, but I'm in Florida and never open the windows. also the exhaust tip is black, no sign of leaking oil as it stays in the garage. No smoke. I have 2 add 2 quarts every 2000 miles. Where is it going?
I love my little Colorado but HATE being late for important meetings, work, emergencies, because of these random 10 minute delayed engine starts! It may go from a couple times in one day to once a month, and sometimes seems to be a sequence of certain opening procedures, while other times will simply be a routine get in and go!
I'm baffled... My wife is afraid to drive it in fears of getting stranded somewhere and then being panicked for being helpless as she helplessly waits 10 minutes for it to start! If it was suppose to be a "safety feature" or a "theft deterrent" it will also soon be labeled "A Lemon".
Can anyone help me fix this "good little Truck"?
when I tap my steering wheel the same happens. also closing my glove box. also in the morning my engine is starving for fuel for about 30 seconds thin runs like a champ.please help
Engine light on. Flashing ( reduce power)engine running rough. Not drivable sarted a week ago. Sometimes it good np problem.
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