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abs light on but no codes present 2006 colorado scan tool finds no codes
Where FUEL FILTER located 2006 chevrolet colorado LS 2.8
Continuous Hesitation attempting get rpm up...(When you get RPM up, it runs good) Tried cleaners(No success) Changed plugs... helped engine performance, but still bad hesitation... Need Sending Unit...? Fuel Pump? Just NEED FLUSH SYSTEM...? Cleansers recommended...???
Every once in a while, engine turns over, but won't start. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine.

Will continue to start with no problem for a while, then won't start again. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine again.

No other problems.
Moves very slow to the half way mark. I filled it up and still only reads half
actuator for a Chevy Colorado 2006 5 cylinder model
Check fuses check light bulb flashers work turn signal does not work
Most offen after rain. I pull over and turn it off. Restart it and it gos away. It happens 3 to8 times a week.
Is the fuel filter located in the engine area
my 2006 Colorado just died on me going down the interstate last night.I checked the codes and they were what they always have been. 0017 and 0128.I have changed both camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor and it still does the same thing. When you crank it and start to drive, it tries to die or it does die unless you keep your foot on the gas. it will idle up and down until it dies and last night it just stopped running going down the interstate.I was told that it might be the camshaft solenoid sensor but I can't find any part store that has it. None of them knows what i am talking about. what do I do????
I'm changing my valve cover gasket, but the last two screws are under the intake manifold. This has become a bigger job then I expected.
when brake pedal is pushed & right signal is on flashes fast, when left signal is on stays solid. problem is intermitent. when signals are not on and brake is pushed right turn light on dash lights and you get signal sound
got all the bolts out,the old pads and caliper is off rotor is free be cant get flange in front of rotor off. hope it isn't pressed on but don't think so
It shows on the dashboard temperature gauge that it's heating up. The mechanic checked the outside with a temperature laser gun and it reads temperature its normal. I already changed water pump, fan clutch, termostat, temperature element, radiator cap, and cleaned the radiator. I really don't know why it keeps reading that it's heating up. I turn off the a/c and in stoplights I put it in neutral so temperature gauge can go down.
I change the switch and fuses are good
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