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I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado with a 2.8 liter engine. does it have a timing belt or chain, and at what mileage should it be replaced?
When I use my fog to lock the doors, all but the passenger front locks. When I open the passenger door it starts to chirp. Another problem, it does not start on the first try on a consistent basis. I can go for a week or so with no problem & then it wont' start until after 4 or 5 times of trying to turn it over.
truck runs ok while cool as it warms it starts to stall the longer it runs the worse it gets but will most of the time get right back to running right no skip nothing can it be a sencer or something loss thought of vac leak cant find one if you could help i would be very thankful thanks have a good night
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when engine worm
How long have you had this problem? a week
My service 4x4 light is on and stays on , the 4x4 won't engage , and there's a noise coming from under the truck when I down shift or I'm coming to a stop , when the clutch is pushed in or not ???
The 2 wheel light use to always stay on and could it just be the fuse wete ever its licated and is it safe to drive it like this its in 2 wheel drive it just wont go back into 4 wheel drive please help
Blower motor kept working but no air
My truck was under water for about 4 hours due to a hurricane. The water reached the seats, so about halfway up the doors.
As a result, my 4WD, horn, keyless entry, and hazard lights didn't work. Hazard lights wouldn't go off.
I took it to a shop. The guy installed a used BCM and apparently didn't know how to program it. The only thing fixed was hazard lights. HOWEVER, the odometer reading was over 8,000 miles off, due to the donor BCM!
He said he'd fix everything and install a new BCM. He gave another estimate, and also included a new horn and transfer shift module (saying that was needed to fix 4WD) plus more labor charges.
My question...Wouldn't a new BCM fix all the issues (4WD, keyless entry, horn, and correct mileage)?
It's acting like it ran out of gas
cd player won't accept or play cd's radio ok.
my heater fan and motor has been tested they work. it was coming on and off on its own but now nothing. any ideas?
When I look down at the tac it's fluctuating up and down what would cause this
Trying to check fuses to air conditioner to see if that's why it quit blowing. ran fuel treatment on every other tank for about a month. There is no light coming on .
I've run fuel cleaner thru it on a couple on tanks.
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