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Mechanic said they had to take off power steering or something to that nature and now my steering pump is hard. Never had issues with steering. 2094 chevy Colorado 3.5liter
the door locks do not work when the key is not in the ignition
1/. Both heated seats not working?, lighted switches not lit up?, fuse 18-20A OK! (ORG - Red power driver/passenger seat modules; and what is the purpose for the diodes shown in a parallel to these red circuits ahead of going to each of the seat modules?), AC fuse5-10A OK! (BRN wire power driver/passenger Lumbar Adjuster/Heater Switches); what is the purpose of the diode

2/. Occurred all of a sudden, randomly works on #'s 1,2,3 but very seldom? Suspect loose connector but where do I locate the resistor pack and wiring connector?

3/. AUX power accessory outlets located under the dash for GPS, Phone charger, etc., do not operate my remote GPS, what is the voltage spec, battery voltage or is it computer controlled?

Wiring schematics for power distribution, wiring schematic for ground distribution would be very helpful, diagnostic techniques, and specs greatly appreciated, or any other experiences and solutions, thanks for any assistance,,,, cheers!
When the brake pedal is pushed down indicater lights on dash come on. Left a little brighter than right. Changed bulb on rear, no help. When driving, right side seems normal but left flashes fast until brake pedal is depressed then stops flashing completely. Indicater lights stop flashing until brake pedal is released. No codes on scanner. Help.
dealer has checked and wiring ok,dealer replaced encoder motor.4x4 problem still exists.
GM dealer checked for shorts ,loose wires behind dash ,scanned for other problems and resets 4x4,button lights come on 2h 4h&4L,shift to 4h and go a few miles service 4x4 comes on,buttons go off.
full tank new fuel filter new fuel pressure regulator but still staling when I go stop or turn.GM did a injector flush and new plugs. still have problems. light still comes on code is PO171
when cold, the engine acts as if it is starving for gas for about a mile. then it runs fine until it sits over night.
The aux. power re-engages after the key is removed from the ignition. This may happen immediately after removing the key or up to several hours later.
When I'm driving I hear a high pitched noise coming from the front wheels but stops when brakes are applied, what could be causing this and how do I go about fixing it's?
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